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Mike loves these
Pants, will buy some more.
   Conchi Garcia Sanz
These lights are great! I used to use the RainLED 56, but am transitioning to these. They are brighter, have richer colors, and are easier to store/transport. They also have a better clearance on the bottom to attach the DMX cables so you wont need a stand or anything. Overall great product. I have 6 now and plan to get 6 more to finish replacing my RainLED's(as I get more $$$, I'll get more lights...lol...). I'm an all around fan of Chauvet, not the top end stuff like Martin, but good for mobile DJs like me - they're a great bang for your buck!
   Aastha Chopra
Shorts were the perfect length. Waist was good as well!
   Thaís Moreira
Great for the gym.
   Jomarie Acosta
They are comfortable and the material feels good. They are a little long for my liking but I am 5'5 wearing mans sweats so that's to be expected.
   Marie-Claude Thériault
Nice, lightweight pant. Actually has legs that are long enough for a guy with long legs, though I won't be drying them.
   Sylvie Depris

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